About Us

CrossFit South Arlington (CFSA) is a facility dedicated to supporting the goals of the individual while still emphasizing the community at large.

We not only offer the incredible coaching and programming often associated with CrossFit, but we also place a huge emphasis on getting each individual to where he or she wants to be in life. Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE CrossFit- both the deadlifts and the sexy metcons. But we also LOVE giving every member the power they need to shift the way they see both themselves and the world.

CFSA is a comprehensive School of Fitness – offering classes that not only educate and strengthen our athletes, but also focus on aspects of life outside of the gym.

When we opened the gym in 2010, we had the intention of creating a place where all of our friends could come together and sweat it out – you know what they say, those that sweat together, stay together. And we most certainly know this to be true, so we were and still are a perfect example of living our motto, “Fueled by Community.”

As our small but tight-knit community began to evolve, we developed a focus on movement integrity and nutrition. This focus on education and constant striving to better ourselves is what truly laid the foundation for what we consider to be the most integral theme of CFSA today.