April L200 Athlete of the Month, Doug Fischer

 1. The DC Metro is very transient; from where did you move? What brought you to area? What do you do as a career?

I came here for college 15 years ago and just never left. I love the energy in the area–you meet so many interesting and inspiring people from so many different walks of life.

I’m a lawyer by trade. My practice focuses on white collar defense and compliance. Recently I’ve started working with a lot of investors in the (legal) marijuana business, which is pretty exciting.
 2. How did you get started in CrossFit? Did you have prior athletic experience? And how long have you been at CFSA? What’s your favorite or least favorite workout?

About 3.5 years ago I was working for the most nightmarish boss and decided I needed to take control over something in my life.  I changed my diet and started working out and managed to lose 35 pounds.  But after a while, running and p90x got stale so a friend introduced me to Crossfit.  Coach Megan kicked my ass one Saturday morning and I was hooked. I’ve been at CFSA about 2.5 years.

My favorite workout is anything with rope climbs, muscle-ups, or other gymnastics. I really love the classic benchmark Mary and the Hero WOD Nate. My least favorite is anything with thrusters.

3. What’s your greatest improvement/achievement since joining us at CFSA?

Physically the accomplishments I was happiest about were my first strict muscle up and deadlifting double body weight.  But the thing I’m most proud of is developing a new attitude that, if I don’t like something is in my life, I can change it with enough work. CFSA has been a huge part of that shift for me. (Cheesy as hell, I know–sorry)
 4. Now that you’ve been crushing it in the gym, what advice would you offer our CFSA newbies? What motivates and pushes you to continually improve?

It’s all about consistency, and that includes putting in work outside of the gym: seek out information from varied sources, practice skills, work on mobility.  Even the most basic movements (air squat, pushup) require a ton of ton of practice to master.

As for what motivates me–I just love this stuff.  It feels incredible to set goals and smash them. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

5. Tell us something about you no one at the gym knows. It can be anything: worst job you’ve ever had, the cheat food you constantly crave, the workout you fear most…anything you’d like to share.

I once worked a summer as the mascot for the WB (the now defunct TV channel).  Remember Michigan J Frog?? That was me.  Also, I’m really good at rap karaoke and decent at juggling.