December Athlete of the Month, Dipo Akin-Deko aka “Jackie Moon”

Dipo Halloween Pull-up 2015

1. The DC Metro is very transient; from where did you move? What brought you to area? What do you do as a career?

I came to DC in 2006 to get a masters of law (LLM)  from George Washington University Law School after getting my JD in Texas.  My plan was to head back to Texas after receiving my LLM to work with state government.  One thing after another occurred and I was led to stay here in DC in which I hope will be home for a long time.  Career wise I am an attorney with my own law practice in Alexandria, VA.  I represent businesses and individuals in starting and operating businesses, contract drafting, civil litigation, government contracts and labor/employment law.

2. How did you get started in CrossFit? Did you have prior athletic experience? And how long have you been at CFSA? What’s your favorite or least favorite workout?

I started Crossfit  as a last ditch effort to get back in shape.  I always played sports and worked out pretty rigorously into my late 20’s . I then fell into what seemed like 4 years of inactivity where I was unable to motivate myself to workout out more than 15 minutes.  My wife and I had always watched the Crossfit games so she said “why dont you try Crossfit.”  I tried a gym in Old Town and didnt like the lack of instruction I received so I was going to quitmy Crossfit experience before it really started.   A then trainer for my wife suggested a box “close to Pentagon City.”  So I dropped in at CFSA.  I later found out he meant a different box other than CFSA but I am glad I made the mistake and came to CFSA. I started at CFSA  and Crossfit in May of 2014.

My least favorite exercise started off as burpees but its actually one of my favorites now.  My current least favorite is thrusters.  Hopefully I can turn it into a favorite as well.

 3. What’s your greatest improvement/achievement since joining us at CFSA?

My greatest improvement would have to be my pull-ups. My pull-up evolution is really a “started from the bottom” story.  When Megan first asked me to do a pull-up, my pride was hurt because i couldn’t do one quality pull-up.  I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now and had to use green bands to get three pull-ups.  All the coaches helped me and so did the CFSA family via competition and encouragement.   Now no green or any band needed and I can do many more than I would have imagined back when I started.
4. Now that you’ve been crushing it in the gym, what advice would you offer our CFSA newbies? What motivates and pushes you to continually improve?

Seek guidance and counsel from our coaches.  The greatest set of coaches I have ever had are my high school track coach and my coaches at Crossfit.  I could name something each coach at CFSA has helped me improve on.  If you work hard and listen, they will help build a strong foundation in you.  And don’t feel rushed to keep up with someone else.  Greatest thing you can do is persevere and take lessons learned to get better at it the next time.

What motivates me an encouragement for someone else including in the area of fitness.  I am not good or the best at a lot of things, but I want to try hard so others can feel they can do it to.    If I can encourage someone else through my fitness or help them along through there fitness, then I am glad.

5. Tell us something about you no one at the gym knows. It can be anything: worst job you’ve ever had, the cheat food you constantly crave, the workout you fear most…anything you’d like to share.

My cheat food, everyone knows about. It’s Sugar Shack where I am known on a first name basis.  Worst job was cleaning toilets at the Q Gym (bought out by 24 hour Fitness)  while in college. I lasted three days.  One thing most don’t know about me is in college I was a ladies shoes salesman for two years at what is now Macy’s and damn good one too!  My go to shoes to sale were Nine West and Enzo Angiolini.  For those who needed comfortable shoes, I sold Aerosoles and Borns.   Though its been a little over 15 years I can still recommend and pick out a mean pair of shoes ladies!