December Athlete of the Month, Kristine Rufener


1. The DC Metro is very transient; from where did you move? What brought you to area? What do you do as a career?

I moved from Wisconsin to DC for work.  I currently work in Government Relations for a healthcare organization.

2. How did you get started in CrossFit? Did you have prior athletic experience? And how long have you been at CFSA? What’s your favorite or least favorite workout?

I used to race triathlons but got injured last fall and was taking some time off to recover when Dave suggested we try crossfit.  I’ve been coming to CFSA since March.  My favorite workout is rowing and my least favorite is anything with burpees.

3. What’s your greatest improvement/achievement since joining us at CFSA?
I had never lifted weights before crossfit – as in, I had never even touched a barbell in my life- so getting more comfortable with deadlifts and back squats is certainly a big achievement for me.

4. Now that you’ve been crushing it in the gym, what advice would you offer our CFSA newbies? What motivates and pushes you to continually improve?
The coaches provide great instruction, and want to see you succeed. Seeing small improvements each week keeps me coming back.

5. Tell us something about you no one at the gym knows. It can be anything: worst job you’ve ever had, the cheat food you constantly crave, the workout you fear most…anything you’d like to share.

Cheat food?  I can’t live without my cereal in the morning.  If I run out of milk and/or cereal, the entire day is ruined.  I can forego coffee, but not my bowl full of carbs..