CFSA Performance Series

The Performance Series is three separate 10-12 week series providing focused athlete development.  They are:

  1. The Open Series

  2. The Skill Development Series

  3. The Competition Development Series

Each of these series will focus on a different side of performance training, be it Open-style workouts and strategy, or advanced skill gymnastics and accessory work, or team training and odd movements. All of these series will be designed to be complementary to the L200 programming at CFSA so that your training continues to flow seamlessly.

Each series is intended to meet the athlete where they are.  You can be a Level 100, Level 200, or RX athlete.

Participants in the any of the Performance Series meet on Thursdays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30 AM for 75 minute sessions. To ensure we can provide the detailed feedback necessary to help each athlete grow, space the Series are limited to 12 athletes for each 10-12 week period, open to all membership levels (Bronze, Silver, Onyx & Gold).

If you are ready to take part in the upcoming series, sign up here. Don’t wait!