The CFSA Rowing Program is Here!

Are you tired of being tired on the rowing machine during workouts? Or do you enjoy rowing and want to get better at it? Well, we have the answer for you.

The CrossFit South Arlington Rowing Program is designed to educate athletes on proper rowing technique and on how to approach any CrossFit workout that includes rowing. Rowing uses approximately 85 percent of the body’s muscles, is highly flexible in its intensity, and is a great tool to build strength, aerobic capacity, and mobility while reducing the impact on the body’s joints. Improving rowing technique can have a dramatic impact on your metcon performance. Whether it’s an AMRAP that includes rounds of 500m rowing  or a 75 calorie buy-in, this program will give you the tools to know exactly how to be faster, more efficient and less tired on the rowing machine.

Every athlete in the Rowing Program will get to:

  • Develop proper rowing technique
  • Maximize rowing power and efficiency to increase power output for better workout performance
  • Learn what “split” to aim for, stroke rating to hold and how to strategize your rowing approach depending on the workout
  • Understand how to use the Program Monitor to optimize performance
  • Benefit from rowing mechanics analysis and real-time coach feedback
  • Improve cardiovascular engine/aerobic capacity
  • Learn basic maintenance for the rower and how to make it last a lifetime
  • Get access to a special Rowing programming track in SugarWOD

The CFSA Rowing Program offers two weekly rowing workouts designed specifically to help you both become a better rower and increase your overall aerobic capacity. Participants in the Rowing Program will meet on Thursdays at 6:00 AM and Sundays at 9:00 AM for 60 minute sessions. Space is limited to 12 athletes and is available to all CFSA members as well as non-members (bring a friend). This 8-week program starts December 2d and runs through January 31st. The end of the program also coincides with the 2019 Erg Sprints–World Rowing Indoor Championships on February 2, 2019 and held in Alexandria, VA.

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Coach Nate

Nate discovered rowing through CrossFit. He has competed at the Erg Sprints–World Rowing Indoor Championships in the 2K row and has coached several athletes who competed at the Erg Sprints.  His athletes have placed 4th and 3rd in the 2K row and 500m sprint. Nate has been certified as a Concept2 Instructor and teaching the skill of rowing since 2014.

Coach Michelle

Michelle rowed for four years at Penn State and competed against some of the best crews in the world at the Head of the Charles and Dad Vail Regattas.  After college she continued to train on the erg and has taught other athletes how to row since 2014.

Join the 800g Challenge




This challenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) or fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day.

No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies or your choice. Hit the macros you want.

Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter!  If you can weigh it as a standalone and unprocessed fruit or vegetable, you can count it. Yep, that’s it! Pick up a one-sheet at the gym for all the rules and scoring details. Or get a copy here.

So why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and is a simplified way to hit those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Read more here.


May 14 – June 10

Shake off the post-Open hangover and kick off summer with healthy eating habits!


Go here to sign-up through Zen Planner. Last day to sign-up is Saturday May 12th, so hurry up!


OptimizeMe Nutrition will host two informational webinars for rules on the challenge and an open Q&A. You only need to attend one.

Registration is required to attend! If you miss a webinar, still use the registration link for on-demand access.




We will be using SugarWOD to log scores, leaderboard, and fist bump throughout the challenge. More info on scoring and logging can be found here.


In addition to weekly prizes, the overall winner will receive $100 in credits towards their group class membership, or $150 towards signing up for the new CFSA Nutrition program!

Click here to sign up now!

Become a Field Sport Athlete

CFSA fam,

Most of you are already familiar with our Sports-Specific Application of CrossFit program, formerly known (and still informally referred to) as “CrossFit Football”. Coach Bobby has created a fantastic platform at CFSA allowing our members to tailor their athletic development towards strength, power, speed and stability  — the key ingredients to success in field sports. Just walk into the gym on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday night and you’ll see the SSA crew crushing it.

We are now excited to announce some changes to the program driving more value to our members and setting them up for further success! The new program name is “Field Sport Athlete” and will be available as either a membership add-on (for current CFSA members) or as its own separate membership offering (for both members and/or non-members). The content and the coaching you love will stay the same. The structure will follow a 12-week series progression. Coach Bobby will be putting some new tools in your hands to help you track your athletic development and get the most out of your training.

Along with the above changes and in order to grow the program into the best it can be in 2018 and beyond, we are introducing a new pricing structure as well. The Field Sport Athlete program will be available in two options:

  1. As an add-on to a CrossFit membership of any level (Bronze, Silver, Onyx, Gold). The price for this add-on is $75/month.
  2. As its own separate FSA-only membership. The price for the membership is $295/month.

With that said, we want to make sure to show a little appreciation to all the members who have been with us and with Bobby for a while now. Therefore, if you are a CFSA member and you sign up for the FSA program by Dec 31st, the monthly add-on will be available to you at just $60/month.

If you are interested in finding out more about the new FSA program, Coach Bobby will be holding an Info Session right here at CFSA on Tuesday, Dec 19th 7-7:30 pm.

If you’re ready to register right now, click here! Spaces are limited.

A sneak peak into the upcoming CFSA Open Prep Series


Thanksgiving has come and gone.  If you are ready to take the holiday gains and turn them into Open gainz, look no further than the Open Prep Program of our Performance Series. Coach Dipo has been in the CFSA lab cooking up something good for the participants.

The Open Prep Series is going to be different than any other class you have had at CFSA.  We are not only going to go over past Open workouts, but analyzing your performance in prior Opens as well as proficiency on certain movements to get you ready.  

What can you expect from each class:

  • 10-15 minutes of individualized skills programming to help meet your goal(s) on an Open movement you are looking to be proficient in;
  • Barbell conditioning work to get you ready for moving Open weight & volume
  • Pre/Post metcon strategy and debrief
  • Practicing previous Open workouts
  • Pacing drills
  • Access to workout logging app to track all the gainz you will be making
  • … and more!

A sample training session might start with an individualized drill to attack a weakness, followed by a barbell conditioning EMOM to build stamina and a long Open metcon with detailed strategy. Alternatively, after hitting that weakness, you might be crushing an Open metcon followed by end-of-session strength work, to build strength endurance. The 10-week Open-Prep Series is designed to progressively build the very physical and mental skills that will spell success come February.

The Open Prep Series starts this coming Saturday December 2nd.  Classes will be Thursdays at 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm and Saturdays from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm for 10 weeks.  If you’re ready to  maximize your training and have your best Open yet, sign up here.  Don’t wait!

Say Hello to Soft Tissue Active Release and Stretching Services at CFSA!

Say goodbye to pain.

CFSA fam, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting Dr. Antonio Perez-Duran from Full Motion Life and Sport for complimentary monthly soft tissue work including active release, stretching and taping, right here at the gym!

Once a month and starting this Saturday Dec 2nd, Dr. Perez-Duran will visit us and set up his table of magical pain healing in the front desk area from 8:30 AM until 10:30 AM. During this time block, Dr. Perez-Duran will be providing a complimentary quick initial consultation and assessment, followed by Active Release Techniques treatment and stretching of soft tissue.  Dr. Perez-Duran will be spending an average of 15 minutes per athlete depending on the complexity of each individual case. Consultations are provided on a first come first served basis.

Dr. Antonio Perez-Duran is a sports chiropractor at Full Motion Life and Sport in Arlington, VA.  He is a graduate from Boston College and New York Chiropractic College, who is a Full-Body Certified Active Release Techniques (ART) practitioner.  He is also certified in RockTape Fascial Movement Taping and FMS functional movement screens.  Active Release Techniques helps restore damaged tissue to a healthy state, increase blood flow, encourage muscle and tissue healing and provides instant relief.

Catch Dr. Perez-Duran this Saturday Dec 2nd at 8:30 AM and let him help you achieve pain-free optimum performance!

Available only to members of CrossFit South Arlington

Get Ready for the Performance Series!

Here at CFSA, we are always looking at how to contribute to your growth as an athlete. So we went under the gym hood and did a little bit of tinkering that you are going to love. Here is one of those exciting changes:  Competition Factory is now the South Arlington Performance Series.

What is the same?

  1. The coach. Dipo is still bringing the same energy and excitement to each and every class.

  2. The coaching feedback: Dipo will still provide you great in-person and video feedback to assist you in your development as an athlete.

  3. Classes per week: The Performance Series will still be held twice per week.

So what’s New?

The Performance Series will now be three separate 10-12 week series providing focused athlete development.  The three series are:

  1. The Open Series

  2. The Skill Development Series

  3. The Competition Development Series

Each of these series will focus on a different side of performance training, be it Open-style workouts and strategy, or advanced skill gymnastics and accessory work, or team training and odd movements. All of these series will be designed to be complementary to the L200 programming at CFSA so that your training continues to flow seamlessly.

Our next series will be the Open Series, taking place December 2,2017 to February 15, 2018. The focus of the Open Series is to prepare the athlete from a mental, physical and emotional standpoint for the five weeks of fun that we in the CrossFit community call the Open. The Open series is intended to meet the athlete where they are.  You can be a Level 100, Level 200, or RX athlete. All divisions are tested during the Open and this series will prepare you for the division you wish to compete in.

During the series, we will test benchmarks, re-test previous Open workouts, build strength, provide workout analysis, analyze movements you likely will see in your division, and discuss how to approach future workouts.

Participants in the Open Series will meet on Thursdays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30 AM for 75 minute sessions. To ensure we can provide the detailed feedback necessary to help each athlete grow, space the Series will be limited to 12 athletes for this 10 week period, open to all membership levels (Bronze, Silver, Onyx & Gold).

If you are ready to take kick off an exciting Open prep season, sign up here. Don’t wait!