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Our Membership Options

Here’s the bottom line. If you are ONLY price shopping, we believe you need to re-think your priorities in finding a gym to call home. We are confident that searching for quality is more imperative than any quantity when you are looking to invest in a CrossFit gym membership. You should look for a place that aligns with your specific goals and that will be engaging for you as a member of the community.

What we can tell you about us is that we offer several opportunities for our members that no other regional affiliates do. Check out our comprehensive set of offerings for a list. We can also tell you that you will never know whether we are a good fit for you if you don’t make the effort to see the space, talk with members and coaches and work out in the community! Those are intangibles that can never be truly explained by an e-mail, website or any other form of sharing information through technology.

We don’t post our prices on our website anymore for all of reasons above as well as because we offer several combinations within our membership options. The conversation about memberships is much easier had through our complimentary 1:1 Introduction, where we can set aside time to have a thorough conversation with you explaining what we offer and answering any questions that might be important for your understanding of the gym.

To give you some context, our enrollments start at $185 a month and increase from there, depending on how often you want to train with us. We have options for athletes looking to supplement their non-CrossFit activities and options for athletes looking to compete exclusively in CrossFit events. We offer discounts for couples, families, active duty Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Students.

Again, the most important aspect of making an investment in CrossFit and yourself is in ensuring that the affiliate is a good fit for you as a person. Come meet us. We are much more fun in person.