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A love letter to the Push Press


Oh, Push Press, how I love thee.


Have you done a Push Press before? Have you ever launched a weight to the sky like your life depended on it? If you have then you would know what an utterly satisfying combination of power, strength and control it is.


For those of you who haven’t done a push press, allow us to explain:


You get some weight. (Maybe it’s a barbell, maybe it’s some dumbbells, or kettlebells, or a sandbag .. anything really, as long as it provides some load and it occupies both hands.)


You pick up the weight. You bring it to your shoulders and you hold it there on your torso with a tight grip as if it was part of your body.


Then, you unleash awesomeness.


An unsuspecting bystander might assume you are about to extend your arms overhead from this position, like an old regular press. But they would be wrong. So wrong.


No, you will first bend your legs and move yourself DOWN. 


Down? Yes, down. Where are we going? We’re going to buy power from the performance store, there’s where.


Your knees will bend just enough for your body to lower itself 2-3 inches and then, in a plot twist for the ages, you will REVERSE DIRECTION and use your legs to drive yourself and the weight back up.


Yes, we just rebounded off a little dip. That rebound just made the weight 30% lighter.


When you’ve stood all the way back up, you’ll find that you still have momentum. What are you going to do with it? Transfer it to your arms, that’s what! Punch up and lock out those elbows like you were tall enough to go through the roof.


You might not realize it but electric energy will be emanating from your body like a magic warrior in ultimate victory. Critters will rush back underground for fear of getting caught in the storm. Waterfalls will stop in their tracks.


At the end, there you will be: standing tall, arms and weight overhead, knees and hips locked out, dust clearing, crater in the ground around you, people everywhere getting themselves back up after getting knocked down by the SOUNDWAVE you unleashed.


That’s right, you powerful stud, you. You just did a Push Press. 


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