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Are you sticking to your fitness or nutrition program?

Are you sticking to your program?
You’ve probably jumped on a new program lately. Maybe it was a strength program, maybe it was an endurance regimen, or a diet. Who doesn’t love to start a new diet?
There is so much excitement and hope at the beginning of a new program. All the possibilities, the anticipation, the future image of ourselves being and feeling awesome. Ten pounds leaner, twenty additional pounds on the deadlift, a minute shaved off the mile time. You can almost taste the words of admiration from your friends, family or co-workers. It is. So. Damn. Motivating.
At least at the beginning. Then the program starts. It’s hard work. It takes mental and emotional energy to be fired up. You’re sacrificing other things in your life for this. But 3 weeks in, you’re still killing it.
Then things get even harder. The mile repeats are taking everything out of you. Those sets of 5 back squats at 80% are no joke. Your hunger is CONSTANT. So maybe you cheat once. Maybe you tell yourself that your calf has been tight and you probably should skip today’s run. Maybe you decide that being on a strict diet 7 days a week is hella difficult, surely one needs a cheat meal on Sunday.
Then family comes to town for a long weekend about 5 weeks into the program and you skip the brutal squats session at 90%. Six weeks in travel comes up, you didn’t prep enough meals so you eat out a few times.
Week 7 is the kicker: you’re scrolling on the gram and there it is — a post/video about the power of sprints and interval training from one your favorites accounts. You have a 5 mile time trial tomorrow. Is endurance really what you need right now? Shouldn’t you be fast? Didn’t you read somewhere that sprinters have the most completely developed bodies or something like that? Is Keto really for you when all these people are having great success with Intermittent Fasting? Are you going to miss out on that 50lb squat PR?
No way. You’re starting your Wendler cycle TOMORROW. You’re going to be RIPPED by the end. It’s just a 12-week program. All you need to do is set an hour aside Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri and move your other training days around. You’ll throw all the carbs out from your house and never consume any more sugar for the next 12 weeks. Anyone can stick to a 12-week program …
This is a story we see unfolding way too often. It’s so much easier to start a new routine than it is to stick with the existing one, especially at it gets difficult. But here’s the thing: sticking to your program matters much more than which program it is. There’s always another person or company out there with a new fitness solution and, odds are, they all work generally well. AS LONG AS YOU’RE CONSISTENT. If you’re not consistent, then it doesn’t matter if you jump to the next shiny thing, you’re going to be back where you started looking back at the last 12-months of your journey and wondering why progress came so slow.
You know what you need to do. Find the motivation (and support!) needed to keep moving forward as long as you haven’t exhausted all the possible progress out of your routine. Program hopping isn’t going to help.


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