Jesse and Lauren joined our community a mere 9-months ago, and we haven’t been the same since. In fact, we think we’re a perfect match.

These two met in college, where they both played volleyball. They found CrossFit toward the end of their college careers and needless to say, it just stuck. They describe CrossFit as the exact environment they were looking for in their workouts, both competitive and cooperative alike.

Since their college days, these two moved to the DC area so that Lauren could pursue her doctorate degree. They decided to continue CrossFit with us (lucky us), and since then have achieved many new accomplishments. Jesse sees his biggest accomplishment at the gym as having developed an appreciation for and application of learning for each movement every day. Lauren is pretty stoked to have achieved 4 strict pull-ups, because she likes to show off her “beef-cake” arms (impressive).

If these two could share any advice with newbies, they would want to re-iterate that especially in the beginning, it is important to take things slow and really learn good technique in movement. They believe that focusing on that will yield positive results down the road. They also believe that celebration is key to success, and that we all should be celebrating our own little feats every single day. It isn’t always about hitting a PR. Rather, it is about the slow and steady progress we make every day we come into the gym.

When asked to share something we wouldn’t already know about them, Jesse shared that he actually has his Level 1 Certification! Lauren wanted you to know that she’s addicted to candy, and that you can bring her Twizzlers to earn a special place in her heart.

As coaches, we are always happy to have these two in class. Between their constant smiles, good jokes, positive attitudes and dedication to better movement, these two epitomize what this gym aims to be. Congrats Jesse and Lauren! Thank you for brightening our days.