Holly is brand spanking new to the game that we call CrossFit, and since joining our community just 4-months ago, has made fantastic improvements in body control. So much of what we teach is about getting into the right positions. Holly’s effort is a testimony to that goal. She has been working hard with every chance she gets to leave the gym just a little bit stronger and more in control than when she arrived. She has great focus on getting it right.

Holly also brings a no quit attitude of consistent effort to class with her. No matter how hard the struggle is in any given moment, Holly is someone we can all rely on to push both herself and us through the pain.

We think this most eloquent description from Coach Spandy captures our feelings about Holly perfectly:

‘Holly is the shit.’ So, she’s got that going for her, which is nice.”

Here’s a big congrats to Holly for putting in the hard work at the hardest time and inspiring us all. The first 4-months of CrossFit can be tough, but dedication and effort like Holly’s is bound to produce success in the long run.