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Can you beat the rowing machine?

The rowing machine is the ultimate fully body conditioning tool.⁠

The mix of cardiovascular endurance and power production that it demands from you is unparalleled.⁠

Plus, it has a monitor. That means it measures your performance. That means while you’re pushing as hard as you can, you’re also staring at your own output being calculated for you in cold hard numbers.⁠

There’s nowhere to hide. If you slow down, the erg will tell you. If you are inconsistent, the erg will tell you. If your technique is off even by a little bit, that erg will. tell. you.⁠

And when you get stronger, you will also see it in the erg numbers. When your conditioning gets better and you hold that pace until the end of the workout, it is satisfying AF. ⁠

It’s you vs you in raw, in-your-face fashion. It’s beautiful. ⁠

Today is Day 1 of Base Week. After the Deadlift, we’re getting on the rowing machine to do perform ICEMAN — 3 rounds of 2 mins of work, 2 mins of rest, for total calories. A test of pure work capacity.⁠

How many calories can you get?⁠


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