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CFSA Bright Spots – Doug Fischer

Doug Fischer and his son Max

There are stories that we really think you should hear. Doug Fischer’s is one of them. We tracked him down and asked him a few questions this week.


What brought you to CFSA in the first place?   

I had started taking fitness and health more seriously about a year earlier after letting myself go a bit in my first few years out of law school. By that time, I was looking for a change of pace from running, P90X, and globo gyms. I had a friend who was super into CrossFit and had been seeing it around. So I came in one Saturday and Megan kicked my ass (wall balls, box jumps, and burpee pullups). I was hooked.


What was your first impression of CFSA? How has that changed?

Two things–1) I loved that everyone was  friend and there was a sense of community;  2) I was intimidated by seeing all these crazy movements I didn’t know and some badass athletes squatting a zillion pounds. #1 is still 100 percent true – it’s awesome training with people who are all there to help themselves and each other be better.  #2 isn’t true anymore, but it really never should have been my impression in the first place. Sure this stuff is difficult, but everyone truly wants you to get better at it.


What was your first “bright spot”?  

Hard to even remember because there have been so many. My first strict muscle up possibly. Another one that really stands out is a day we were doing Whitten (5 rounds of 22 KB swings, 22 box jumps,  400 m run, 22 burpees, 22 WBs). If anyone remembers Tim Anderlonis, he had always amazed me at 0600 and I thought I’d never be anywhere near his level. I kept up with him through the first two or three rounds of that workout.  Even though he ultimately crushed me, I remember being so happy at my progress and realizing that I could hang with anyone if I just kept working at it.


What’s your favorite CFSA memory?

I’m going to cheat and give two. First is 17.5 last year. I had been sick for two weeks, work was kicking my ass, and I had slept like 3 hours the night before. I came in expecting to suck at the workout and boy did I. But I felt prouder for just making myself grind it out in that workout than I did for a lot of PRs I hit. Felt so great to finish it and have Bobby hand me a cold one.  

Second was the summer of 2015 (I think that was the year). That summer Nick, Seamus, Sam, Jonathan Lee, and myself were all super consistent and every freaking day at 0600 was a competition. No one wanted to let anyone else win and we were all so much better for it.                                      


Doug and his wife Amanda live in South Arlington with their son Max and fur baby Ziggy. Doug has been mastering his fitness at CrossFit South Arlington since October, 2013. These days you can catch him in the wee hours of the morning working on his flips and tricks.


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