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On Thursday, Governor Northam of Virginia announced a new set of restrictions to help curb the rise in COVID-19 cases in the Commonwealth. As part of the new restrictions, gyms must limit their class size to 10 people (including the instructor) beginning on Monday, December 14th.

In order to comply with the executive order, we are reducing the class caps to 9 starting on Monday (down from the current cap of 12).

In some ways, we are lucky that there were no orders to shut down businesses as was done in the spring. We are also fortunate that cases and deaths in the state of Virginia are nowhere near what some other states are suffering from. We hope every person in the state and the country continues to exercise caution and consideration for others so that we can get through the winter season safely.

With that said, we realize that these new restrictions make it harder for you to make it to the gym. Therefore, along with reducing class caps, we are making a few gym schedule changes:

– A new Monday 7pm class is now available starting on 12/14

– Saturday classes are now increased to three (instead of two) and they will start at 8am, 9am and 10am respectively. At the same time, we are making Saturday classes 50-minutes long instead of an hour to allow for people to transition in/out of the building. This change takes place on Sat 12/19.

– We are adding Open Gym to our schedule in a very limited scope between 8am and 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays beginning next week on 12/14. These will be offered as 1-hour slots capped at 6 people each, using the rig in the back half of the gym. Class reservations, temp checks and masks are required (throughout the entire 1-hour slot). Please review our Open Gym policy here.

More importantly, Open Gym access will now be offered as a paid add-on package in the PushPress Members app in two flavors: 5-pack ($25) and 10-pack ($45), these are available for purchase in the app right now. In addition, any member with a Remote Program Design plan or a Custom Design add-on will now have access to 1 free Open Gym class per week as part of their membership plan.

We will continue to look for opportunities to allow you to come to the gym and workout safely, whether those are additional classes or other types of schedule changes. If you haven’t done so, please also check out our at-home training options

Just like you, we are taking this pandemic one month, one week and one day at a time. We’re here to support you in your training, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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