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COVID Updates for the Cold Season

SouthFit Nation,

We’re starting to transition into the cold season and that means moving classes indoors. As we announced earlier this month, on Nov 1st we’re moving Tuesdays indoors. And on Nov 30th, we’re moving all classes indoors.

COVID cases in the state of VA have been consistently low and haven’t increased much lately, compared to elsewhere in the nation. This is very good news for us and hopefully this trend will continue but let’s not bet on that. Instead, let’s do what we can to plan and be ready for things to get worse. Our goals as always remain to keep our coaches and our members safe, while allowing our community the option to keep up their fitness.

Beginning Nov 1st, we’ll be putting in place new policies in anticipation of the cold season and offering new at-home training plans as well. Tomorrow we’ll send you another email with all the details about the new at-home plans. Today, we would like to cover the on-premise policies. Please read the message below in its entirety:

1. All athletes coming into the building must keep their mask on until instructed by the coach to remove it. This is different from earlier guidance to remove the mask once you make it to your assigned space. Our coaches are directed to call for mask removal just before the warm-up begins.

2. Coaches will also instruct athletes to put masks back on for equipment cleanup at the end of class. We want to make sure that when people move about the space, returning equipment, they have masks on as they do so.

3. Any athlete with a cough that lasts longer than a few seconds or that reoccurs will be asked to leave. We understand sometimes there can be other causes for a cough than COVID (including a tough workout!), but since we can never be sure, we cannot take the risk.

4. Should two classes follow each other, all incoming athletes will be asked to wait outside until the athletes from the previous class have left the building. We recommend you not show up too early to the 6:45am or 5:45pm classes.

In addition, we’ve installed commercial-grade air purifiers inside of our gym and we are updating our waiver to confirm that every time a member enters the facility, they are attesting that they are symptom free, have not been outside the United States in the previous 14 days, and have not been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the previous 14 days. You will receive an invite to sign the updated waiver in your email inbox. If you don’t get a chance to sign it before class, no worries, we will ask you to sign it at class check-in time!

That is not all. The above set of precautions are default policies going into effect November 1st, 2020. We are calling them Baseline Mode.

We are also planning on introducing an additional set of precautions should we see a significant uptick in cases in Northern VA.

These extra precautions are as follows:

1. Temperature checks required for all members at sign-in

2. Class caps will be reduced to 12 (from the current 15) — we will consider adding class slots to help with attendance congestion if needed.

3. Mask wearing will be required at all times except for the conditioning workouts. (We reserve the option to require masks throughout the entire class should we deem it necessary)

The above set of policies will be labeled Protected Mode and will go into effect under either these conditions:

– IF the COVID-19 case 7-day moving average for Northern VA reaches 500/day (currently it is ~290/day) 


– IF the Percent Positivity reaches 15% (currently it is ~5.5%)

The above numbers are sourced from the DA Department of Health data on Northern VA (link here). Below is the summary of Baseline and Protected modes.

Tomorrow, we will share with you guys the new at-home training plans that we will be offering, both of the group and the individual variety, including equipment rental, which many of you indicated was valuable for you as you managed the lockdown.

Thank you for helping us keep our gym safe!


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