Do I need to get into shape before I start CrossFit?
Absolutely not! Any workout that we do can be scaled to your current fitness level. Our coaches will take care of progressing you through more challenging options as you grow. Just come as you are, we will handle the rest!
Is CrossFit dangerous?

Anything done incorrectly can be dangerous. Swimming, biking, running, lifting weights – if you try to do any exercise without proper form and safety measures, you can get hurt. By starting at with 1:1 training, new athletes can learn the correct way to move and approach workouts. Under the watchful eye of our experienced coaches, we will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone while maintaining a safe environment.

What if I have an injury?
We are sorry to hear you’re hurt, but it’s not a problem! The beauty of CrossFit is that it can be adjusted, scaled, or modified to fit anyone’s needs. In your 1:1 introductory session we can generate a plan on how to accommodate any injuries.
I’m an experienced CrossFitter visiting from out of town, how do I drop-in?

We love having visitors! All information about drop-ins is available here.

Building & Amenities

Is there parking onsite/near the gym?

The gym offers has a small parking lot on the side of our building. There is also plenty of street pay-to-park parking 8am-5pm M-F.

Are there showers onsite?

We do not have showers onsite but we have two large bathrooms providing ample space to change.

How far is the nearest metro station?

We are located near two metro stations, Pentagon City Metro and Crystal City Metro. Both are 0.7 miles away!

I am considering walking/running/riding my bike/taking a car service to your gym from my hotel, how far are you from “X”?

We are approximately a 12-15 minute walk from the Pentagon and Crystal City Metros. Please use our address (607 S Ball St, Arlington, VA 22202) to help determine travel times to and from the gym.

Do you offer childcare?

Unfortunately, we do not offer childcare.

Gym Protocol

Can I do my own extra workout after class?
No. Only accessory strength and skill work is permitted during Open Gym hours with any CFSA group class membership. Learn more about open gym here.

What happens if I’m late to class?
We ask that you jump in and assimilate into class by doing what everyone else is. We don’t do penalty burpees but ask that everyone makes their best effort to be on time. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, we ask you to come to the next class.
What should I know about the equipment?
In your first session we will introduce you to all the equipment in the gym so that you know how and when to use them. Please remember to use our spray bottles and paper towel to wipe down equipment after each use. And please do not drop empty barbells! Barbells must have at least 25lb plates on each end to be dropped. Don’t worry – we can review this when we meet you!
What should I wear?
You don’t need any fancy clothes to do CrossFit. Wear clothes that you allow you to move and sweat comfortably. Most people worry about their shoes the most – but bottom line: a flat shoe is best for most movements in the gym. Companies like Reebok, Innov-8, and Nike make CrossFit-specific shoes which many of our members like. On the flip side, a pair of Converse Chuck Tailors will work great for lifting too! Any cross-trainer or comfortable sneaker should be just fine.

 No matter your level or your age, come take your next step with us.