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Find the right space to get fit

A CrossFit gym is a unique kind of facility.


It is not like your typical commercial chain gym. There are no mirrors, no chrome, no towels. There aren’t even any machines except for rowers and stationary bikes. You won’t see pec decks or cable crossovers or leg extension machines. None of that.


What it has are barbells, pull-up bars and boxes. Jump ropes and kettlebells and med-balls. It has people doing squats and pushups and pull-ups. These people are running, they’re lifting, they’re jumping. Because that’s what actually works.


Very fit people know that a big variety of equipment is a red herring. Most gyms sell “comfort”: padded machines, oiled stacks, polished chrome. But truly fit people – people who NEED to lose weight, or need to perform, or are desperate to fix their bad back – avoid that stuff. People with skin in the game know they don’t need more equipment: instead, they need more work.


Almost everyone who comes to CFSA has been to other gyms. And almost to a person, they say, “I just didn’t get anywhere.” Maybe they looked for the cheapest option. Or they looked for the largest. Or the one with the most machines. But eventually, when they decided they needed results, they went looking for a coach.


And coaches don’t use that stuff. Professional, career coaches, whose livelihood depends on getting results, use barbells. Boxes. Squats and pushups and food plans. Forced to choose what works, professionals choose the basics.


Many new clients who walk into our gym say “This just looks like a lot of open space.” It’s true: you need space when you’re going to move a lot. And if you want to get fit, you’re going to move a lot. Fitness requires no chair, no padding, no seat belt.


Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.


No wasted space. No wasted time. No wasted effort.


Just consistent hard work.



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