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Join our Fit Life Challenge!

Do you know the problem with most nutrition challenges?

It’s simple, they do two things wrong:
1. They focus on the short term
2. They only work on your diet

Evidence shows time and time again that a typical 6 or 8 week challenge can help you make some changes … until the challenge is over. Then the accountability environment disappears and you are left trying to find motivation elsewhere.

Even more importantly, we’ve known now from working with dozens of nutrition clients that nutrition … isn’t simply about what to eat and how much. Nutrition is intricately linked to the rest of our lives, our work, our family, our stress levels, our routine, our training, our mental energy. If you want to make changes to how you eat, you will be way more successful if you also address those other foundational dimensions.

And that is why we’re announcing the Fit Life Challenge, launching February 7th.

The Fit Life Challenge is a completely unique group challenge that sets you up for success by helping you with nutrition, recovery AND stress management.

And instead of helping you lose a couple of pounds that you’re likely to regain in short order after the challenge ends, the Fit Life Challenge, led by Nutrition Coach and former Behavior Analyst Meredyth El-Amine, will teach you the tools to make changes to your habits that will STICK.

Lay the groundwork to making REAL change in how you look, perform and feel. We’re talking finally taking back control of your life and your day-to-day choices.

Spots are limited to 8 participants. Registration starts today and ends on Feb 1st.

Head over to our Fit Life Challenge page right now to find out more and sign up!


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