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Forget milestones, aim for consistent habits.

It used to be that for or most people, the idea of weight loss came with an end date. “I just want to lose 20 pounds.” They’d lose those 20 pounds and then what? They’d go right back to what they were doing before.

It used to be that people went on a diet to change their body and their health. “I’ll just do Keto for the next 2 months.” After two months, they’d (maybe) experience some changes and then what would happen? They’d have some carbs for a birthday or a wedding and slowly but surely end up right back where they started. 

It used to be that people used only their BMI, weight, or some other number to measure progress. “If the numbers go down, I’ll be happy.” They’d see the numbers go down and then what? They’d be stuck with their happiness linked to a number. A number which will inevitably fluctuate, taking them on an emotional roller coaster that becomes harder and harder to get off of.

That’s how things used to be. Admittedly, that’s how things used to be even many of us in the health coaching community. 

But we’re just not the same as we used to be about this stuff. We have experienced it and we know it doesn’t work. It doesn’t help us make long term, meaningful changes to our health and fitness and in many, many cases it actually does more harm than good.

We know that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes and consistent, long-term weight normalization, health, and fitness can only be maintained when we have the fundamentals nailed down. 

We make the time for healthy habits. 

We exercise or do some movement. 

We eat slowly and mindfully. 

We include some lean protein at most meals.

We include colorful fruits and/or veggies at most meals. 

We eat mostly slow-digesting, high-fiber, nutrient-rich, carbohydrates like fruits, starchy vegetables, whole grains, beans and/or legumes.

We plan most of our meals or we have a trusted system like meal delivery. 

We make time to relax, de-stress, and have fun. 

We do purposeful recovery.

We practice good sleep hygiene and try to get plenty of high-quality sleep. 

We can manage our stress and emotions without relying solely on food or eating. 

We drink alcohol sparingly or don’t drink at all. 

We have at least one positive, supportive, social connection. 

We don’t smoke. 

We are the healthiest, fittest versions of ourselves when we consistently practice the fundamentals. 

How consistent are you? 

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