CrossFit is one of the fastest growing fitness movements on Earth and there are currently over 8,000 affiliates around the world.


Although the fundamentals of CrossFit are the same wherever one goes, it’s safe to say no two gyms look or operate the same. Each gym implements its own philosophy of programming, community and general operational structure.

What matters most when you are deciding is that you feel confident and comfortable. Come in for a one-on-one session. Talk with the coaches, talk with the members. Spend time observing a morning class. Spend time observing an afternoon class. Take a yoga class. Spend time in the space. Ultimately, by doing this, you’ll learn a lot about our class structure, community and trainers’ personalities. Decide for yourself if it’s the environment for you. Trust your gut!

There are many aspects of CFSA that are unique, such as:

  • Level Based Classes: We offer Level Based Classes (100, 200 and Competitors) to provide an ongoing educational platform for our athletes in all stages of development.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Programming: We were the first ever Whole9 Life Partner, and remain the only Whole 9 Partner in the area. We take a holistic approach to Nutrition as it pertains to your life beyond the gym and don’t align with short-term gimmicky approaches. Our goal is to educate you through first hand experience and let you decide for yourself how your nutrition effects your every day life.
  • Elite Coaches: We are the only gym in the area to host a resident Olympian Olympic Lifter as a member of our coaching staff.
  • Goal Coaching: We provide a comprehensive and continuing educational series of Goals and Goal Setting as it pertains to our members lives and/or all things CrossFit related.
  • Pre-Published Programming (Workouts): We publish 1 – 3 months of programming at a time for our athletes. We do this so that they can take an active role in their own individual development and understanding of program design.

This scratches the surface of what makes us an amazing facility. We recommend you come in and have a 1:1 Introductory Class with us to get the full story.

Remember, pick a gym where you feel welcomed and comfortable but also supported and pushed to be your best self.

We hope that you join our community – but if not, we wish you the best at any of the local affiliates that you choose to join. Any CrossFit is better than no CrossFit.