CrossFit uses constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

What does that mean?

It means when you come into the gym, there’s always something new to try, to learn, to improve.

It means that we aren’t just preparing you to run far or jump high – we are preparing you to move with ease and confidence in your daily life.

We are preparing you to carry heavy groceries and move furniture.
Chase after your kids or grandkids.
Enjoy a hike.
Get off the couch.

We are here to remove the limitations of poor health and fitness so that you can live fully.

The Five Elements

of CrossFit


The foundation of CrossFit – and fitness, in general – begins with nutrition. It doesn’t matter how many miles you run or weights you lift, if you’re not fueling properly, your fitness will suffer. That’s why CrossFit South Arlington offers 1:1 nutrition coaching with Foundation Nutrition.

Metabolic Conditioning

In each of our daily group classes, we strive to raise your heart rate and make you sweat. CrossFit is constantly varied so there’s always a new, fun way to get your blood pumping on the bike, on the rower, or on a run in the fresh air.


No, we won’t force you into a sparkly leotard. But YES, gymnastics plays a huge part in CrossFit. Push-ups, pull-ups, handstands, and rope climbs are just taste of some of the gymnastic movements we incorporate into our programming. Flexibility and mobility are skills we aim to cultivate in all of our athletes.


When most people think of CrossFit, they immediately think of weightlifting. But our style of weightlifting isn’t just about lifting heavy things – it’s about developing speed, agility, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Resistance training improves muscle tone and strength, but also has long-term health benefits like protecting your joints and improving your metabolism.


Sport plays a small, but important, role in our CrossFit programming. Through sport, whether it’s kicking a soccer ball with your kids or training for your next race, we celebrate the fitness we’ve developed. Sweaty high fives and team cheers all around!

Now that you’ve gotten the basics of CrossFit – stop reading and start moving.

Sign up for your introductory session and let us change your life.

It all starts with you. See you soon!

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