Here at CFSA, we sweat the small stuff a lot. Our group classes are our bread and butter, we like to make those the best hour of our clients’ day.

We run our group classes every day using a similar flow:

I. The General Warm-Up

A good general warm-up is critical to any physical activity. This is where we raise the body temperature, we get the body flowing through the limbs, and get our joints and tissues ready for full range of motion work. This is also a time when the athletes gauge how their body feels in anticipation of the coming workout. The coaches take note of how everyone’s moving so that we can suggest the best workout approach/scale/strategy for each individual.

II. The Movement Prep / Skill Drills

After we get the body ready to move, it’s time to get the nervous system and the muscles primed for the patterns of movements we’re attacking on this day. Is it going to be a squat heavy day? Then our hips, knees and ankles will get extra love. Is it going to be more shoulder work? Let’s make sure those are ready to pull and push. It’s not rocket science, just basic foundations for safety as well as performance. Oh, and we almost always get the trunk muscles working early because everything uses the trunk muscles.

III. The Workout

The secret sauce. This is CrossFit, so our workout is going to be some combination of movements involving strength, cardio or body weight work. It changes every day but there’s a rhyme and reason to everything. We make sure we expose you to different aspects of fitness over the course of a week, a month and a year. Sometimes, we hit two different workout pieces: a strength movement first, then a conditioning portion second (or vice versa). Depends on what we haven’t done in a while. The constant: a challenging and well-coached workout that move your fitness forward.

IV. The Cool-Down

After the workout, we cool down. You might have the whole day ahead of you or a return home for the evening. Either way, you need your brain to get back to full focus and your heart rate to come back down to easy levels. Most importantly, you need to feel GOOD. And usually, some mobility and/or breathing work is going to go a long way towards getting there. So we make sure to include that in almost every class.


There you have it, the structure of our group classes. Our team spends a significant amount of time planning sessions, writing coaching notes and researching novel and valuable tools to introduce into your workout routine. It’s not about packing the most stuff into a class, it’s about providing the most value to you, the athlete. We don’t leave your health up to guesswork.

 No matter your level or your age, come take your next step with us.