InBody Scan

What Is It?

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

The InBody 270 is cutting edge technology for measuring body composition for everyone. Regardless of your fitness level and routine, assessing your body composition is a major step towards tracking progress and achieving your goals.


How Does it Work?

You show up, stand on the InBody 270 for less than 30 seconds, get your analysis summary printed, and then discuss your results with one of our coaches. It will even remember your previous results and show you a history graph that tracks your progress! Quick, painless and highly informative.

Schedule your InBody Test now to determine your body mass, skeletal muscle and body fat percentage, as well as a number of body composition metrics that will give you a detailed and comprehensive view of your body.

The price for an InBody scan is as follows below. We only accept credit/debit cards (no cash or check please).

For CFSA members:


For non-members:


You can choose a 15-min time slot that works for you below. If you’d like to find out more about InBody, click here.

 No matter your level or your age, come take your next step with us.