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Introducing Base Week

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

A large part of the fitness equation is measurement. We combine consistency and hard work with logging and tracking so we can identify where progress is being made, and where it isn’t.

The simple action of entering your score in SugarWOD after the workout is less about finding your place on the leaderboard and more about finding your place in your own fitness improvement journey. It is key to how far your fitness will go in the next 3 months.

In almost any endeavor, data and evidence will get you where you want to go, faster. We want to double down on that.

Therefore, we’re excited to announce Base Week, a data-centric initiative to get our members results more effectively!

What is Base Week?
Put simply: it is a series of benchmark workouts that are programmed over the course of one week. These workouts are meant as “tests” and they will be repeated 3-4 times throughout the year. It is called Base Week because you are (re)identifying your baseline on a regular basis.

The tests range in time duration from ultra short (e.g. deadlift 1-rep max) to long (e.g. a 25-min circuit). They range in intensity and in load. They are meant to measure all facets of your fitness: power, strength, speed, strength endurance, stamina, cardiovascular conditioning, gymnastic ability, unilateral/bilateral strength balances, movement skill and general work capacity.

Will these tests change?
Throughout a given year, we will aim to keep the makeup of Base Week the same in order to determine, as a gym and as individuals, how and where we are making progress. We will use the results to enhance our gym programming and address any area of our training that could use a little more TLC.

Year over year, we will revisit some of the workouts and possibly swap them in/out for other tests that we deem more informative and a better representation of the kind of fitness we want in our athletes.

When is this happening?
Our first Base Week will take place during the calendar week of Monday August 3rd to Saturday August 8th! Mark your calendar!

Wait, what are the workouts??
The workouts are currently cooking in the oven and will be ready for your eyes to feast on later this coming Friday. Look for an email in your inbox and a post on our social media platforms!

We are PUMPED about this initiative. Ultimately, the goal is to know ourselves better. For that, we need to collect data and that’s what Base Week is for.


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