The 2018 CFSA Intramural Open is over. And what an Open it was.


We had banners and pictures, chants and cheers, t-shirts and costumes. We had a sword. We had balloons. And we had glitter .. so much glitter.


We also had 4 teams: Free Folk, Little Finger Big Muscle, Valyrian Steel and A Lannister Always Counts His Reps. These four teams battled it out until the very last week. Some teams brought the numbers, other teams relied on their top performers and some came with the presence and attitude. In the end, team Little Finger Big Muscle edged out Valyrian Steel for the top spot by a 2.5 point margin thanks to a very cool display of what can only be described as “touching community memes”.


We had a grueling 20-min AMRAP (18.1), a leg-destroyer (18.2 & 18.2A), a high-skill-everything whopper (18.3), a gymnast meets powerlifter combo (18.4) and a 7-min soul crusher (18.5). If you had a weakness in this Open, it got exposed. We had rig work, mat work, barbell work, erg work and a tiny little dose of dumbbell work. Not much at all. A very reasonable amount of dumbbell work.


And, of course, we had this and this and this and this. Dipo vs Spandy was the story of the Open. It was a battle of the titans. The King of the Rig vs The Master of the Territory. The championship belt vs .. the singlet. And the championship belt won. Coach Dipo handily won the head-to-head matchups 4-2. Coach Spandy gave it his best, he fought mightily, he held the standard … ahem … but it wasn’t enough to match Dipo’s preparation and focus. Maybe 2019 is going to be different, the anticipation is already killing us.


All in all, we had a ton of fun in the Open this year. The unmatched CFSA community brought the energy, the noise and the grit. So many of you set personal bests, conquered a movement for the first time and overcame adversity. It was glorious to watch.


We’re already looking forward to 2019. Hopefully, the Open next year will be even bigger and better. In the meantime, make sure to keep working hard, especially on those chinks in your fitness armor, and keep making progress. Gainz await!