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Motivation is hard

Motivation is hard.

It is fleeting. Some days you have it and you feel like you can take on the world. You make decisions to become a better person, to establish a new you. A few of weeks later, poof, it’s gone.

You’re left having to rely on your own discipline or accountability from your coach. Sometimes you manage to muster a little bit of that motivation back but it seems like you can’t keep it consistent.

Let us give you a hack: positive associations.

Whatever habit or action you’d like to take, especially if it’s a hard one like working out, pair it with something else you love.

For example, make your commute to the gym THE time of the day when you listen to your favorite playlist. Hate meal prep? Make that the (main) time you call your best friend, buddy or relative. Need to study? Try doing that in your favorite spot of the house, on your favorite couch, with a handful of your favorite snack.

Associate the unpleasant with the pleasant. Make it something you look forward to.


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