To empower members to take control of their health, fitness and lives through a comprehensive education.


Imagine a training center in which the members are the voice and pulse of the gym. You can sense it the moment you walk through the door. Black and white photos decorate the walls and laughter is heard from every corner. There is no feat or attempt that goes unnoticed and celebration occurs on a daily basis. Goals are a part of everyday conversation, and specific plans of action are set up for all members to reach on a month-by-month basis.

Members understand that they are their biggest competitor and the only obstacle that stands in the way of achieving greatness. Because of this, members track their self-growth and record their strengths and weaknesses, as well as support one another in reaching future goals.

The coaches are the directors and are there to serve the members as nothing more than a medium for the athletes to become their best selves. They live to demand extraordinary effort and support their athletes through various physical and mental challenges. Most importantly, they provide superior instruction because they are committed to learning and expanding their knowledge of the human body and the benefits of functional movement.

This gym is a first of its kind, in which the elite athlete and the fitness beginner are of equal importance and are comrades in reaching their fitness goals.



  • We promise to listen to you and be open to feedback.
  • We promise to be open and transparent in our intentions.
  • We promise to be inclusive.
  • We promise to foster a healthy community.
  • We promise to dedicate ourselves to helping you reach your goals.