Hello from the CrossFit South Arlington family!

Below you will find our Vision, Mission, Values & Philosophy. We aspire to live, coach and operate by these on a daily basis. If these resonate with you, we’d love to meet you!



To create an inclusive space where anyone is empowered to pursue their personal health and fitness goals and guided in their journey to become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.


To help people get healthy. Now and 30 years from now.

To guide athletes towards well-rounded general fitness. Help a friend move, play with our kids, run a marathon, we want to do all of it.

To offer professional fitness and nutrition services that produce results through sustainable behavior change and smart goals.

To establish relationships with our clients built on trust, positivity and mutual respect.




We believe we’re all on a path up an infinite mountain and no one is anywhere close to the top. We believe in a journey of continuous self-improvement. We work on our weaknesses and are not afraid of going outside our comfort zone. As both athletes and coaches, we are eager to learn new things, to give and receive feedback, and to listen more than we speak. We are not too proud to say “I don’t know”.


We do what’s right regardless of who’s looking. We never take shortcuts, be they in teaching or in performance. We speak the truth to our teammates and we seek to be fair and just in all endeavors. We are open about our own faults. We represent CrossFit South Arlington, its values, its policies and its mission as honestly and faithfully as we can. For us, it’s always clients, community and team before self.


We are about a journey of self improvement. Our motivation comes from within to improve ourselves, our environment and the outcomes of our clients. If something is not working, we strive to find something better and bring it to the team. We aspire to be models for others. We take ownership and initiative. We give 110%. We find a better way.



We believe in fun. We believe that, to be effective in a long-term sense, what we do here has to be enjoyable. It has to be engaging. 

We are the segue into a more healthy, active life. That responsibility means introducing clients to new activities and habits, making them comfortable with working out in any environment, and giving them attributes they can display with pride.

We love general physical preparedness. Strength, speed, endurance, stamina, power, balance, accuracy, coordination, agility and flexibility. We want to work on ALL of them. Our daily workouts prepare you as best as possible to be a great all-around athlete. The point is not to be great in the gym, it’s to be ready and capable everywhere outside it. 

We believe in hard work and professionalism. Our own hard work will be recognized by our clients and friends, and will encourage them to work hard in the face of challenge. We sweat the details, take ownership of our work and put our clients first in all our interactions.

We believe in the long haul. Continual progress is necessary for self- actualization; consistency is the driving force. We set milestones and celebrate not only when they’re reached but when the unsexy work is being done in the form of small daily steps. And then we reach further. 

We don’t take ourselves too seriously when we workout. We’re comfortable in our skills, and can joke about our weaknesses. It’s always easier when you’re the best!

We believe client results are enabled first and foremost by a relationship of trust and mutual respect. A coach listens with empathy and deeply cares for their athlete and their individual physical and emotional needs.

We believe in science. We believe in ongoing education. Teaching, Behavior, Sport, Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition, Kinesiology, to name a few. We’re committed to the peer review process, the application of cutting-edge science, the debunking of myths, and the benefits of active debate and discussion.

We believe and stand for inclusivity. We welcome members into our community without discrimination, regardless of sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, color, marital or familial status, disability, or religious affiliation.


Above all, we believe in ourselves and our clients!