At CrossFit South Arlington, we offer personal training services to help you reach your individual fitness goals and satisfy your unique training needs.

Health is extremely personal. You have your own needs, goals, strengths, and weakness.

While group classes can be a fun and effective way to improve your health – sometimes you need a more tailored approach. And that requires sustained, individualized coaching from an experienced personal trainer.

Your trainer is your coach, guide, mentor, and cheerleader giving you focused, one-on-one attention as you step out of your comfort zone and strive toward your goals.

Our personal training services allow for endless customization and modification. Your session is YOUR time to find what works best for you. Think you’ll miss the fun and friendship of group classes? No sweat.

You can combine personal training sessions with group classes! This winning combination results in a more well-rounded athlete.

Who could benefit from personal training? 


  • The athlete looking to improve on particular movements that might hold them back from performing, or living their life. Do you want to lose 25 pounds? Improve your clean and jerk? Be able to chase your kids or grandkids around, pain-free? We will create a personalized fitness program for you, keep you motivated, and put you on the right path for success.
  • The athlete that has taken a few months or years off from training and needs an on-ramp into general training. Whether you’ve plateaued in your current training or you need a fresh approach to get you back into a routine, a personal trainer is right for you. We tend to do what we like and what we are good at. Our trainers will be there to challenge your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.
  • The athlete that prefers one-on-one attention confirming that the program is specific to their needs and goals. Maybe you don’t like sweating in groups or maybe you need more motivation to get to the gym? Our trainers can help you stay motivated in a private or semi-private setting that takes the stress and guesswork out of your fitness routine.
  • The athlete that may be prone to injury and needs extensive exercise modifications to prevent further injury or to correct existing injuries. An injury can quickly derail a training program and personal motivation. Our trainers will help you to do exercises properly so that you won’t injure yourself. We will also work around any pre-existing injuries or special needs that you may have to ensure that your training program is effective and safe.
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 No matter your level or your age, come take your next step with us.