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Reserve the time for your healthy habits.

If you want it to happen, reserve the time for it.

Scenario #1: Let’s say you’re struggling to make it to the gym consistently. You have a busy schedule and you usually aim to get to the gym around lunch or after work. But it just seems like meetings always get in the way. Maybe you get caught up finishing some work and all of a sudden you’re running late, thinking maybe you’ll get to the gym tomorrow instead.

Don’t leave it up to chance: book working out time on your calendar. Take 10 mins on Sunday, look at your schedule for the week and reserve the time slots.

Scenario #2: Let’s say you would like to cook for the week. Every week you tell yourself you’ll find some time to do it over the weekend. Guess what, every weekend, it’s something different, your plans vary, you make spontaneous decisions, you keep pushing off the cooking, until it’s Sunday night and you don’t have the energy.

Back up: book the time on your calendar. Do it on your phone, do it on a physical weekly calendar on your fridge. Tell your significant other about it — “I’m going to cook on Sunday morning 8-10am”.

Pre-reserving the time is a good way to make a habit stick. Obviously, it blocks time preventing other distractions from taking place. But the research also suggests that the very act of scheduling your task is tantamount to an emotional investment that you’re pre-making. When the time comes, it’s like you ALREADY DECIDED.

Do you have a habit you’re trying to pick up? Try this tactic, see how it works for you.

Before you know it, you’ll have consistency. And with consistency comes results.

You’ll be prepping your meals every weekend and becoming a much healthier (and better looking) eater because of it.

You’ll be making it to the gym on a regular basis and finally adding those additional 20lbs to your back squat, or running in a workout without going out of breath.

Little mindset changes go a long way. Reserve the time.


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