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It’s the Reset the Foundation Nutrition Challenge!

The new year is approaching and with it comes the opportunity to hit the reset button on your nutrition.

Nutrition is the foundation of your health and fitness whether you’re trying to achieve new heights in your sport or simply looking to get 2019 started off with some healthier habits. We fully recognize that making change is always easier when you have the support of a like-minded group. For that reason Foundation Nutrition has created the Reset the Foundation Nutrition Challenge!

The 8-Week Reset the Foundation Challenge is a small group nutrition program with macronutrients and sustainable healthy habits at its core. We’ll hold a nutrition seminar, send each participant individualized macronutrient-based plans, engage the group with guided focus topics and activities that increase both knowledge and skills. We’ll hold you accountable with self-checks and host in-person Q&As.

This program is just what you need to start the new year on a solid foundation.

Two sign-up tiers will be offered:

Includes an individual macronutrient plan, plus online weekly group assignments and small group coaching which are the core of any group challenge. This tier is great for anyone who has tried a challenge like this before and feels confident in their ability to stick to a plan or adjust it as needed.

Includes the Basic tier plus weekly 1:1 check-ins with a Foundation Nutrition coach via email including macro re-assessment as necessary. This option is ideal for anyone who’s looking to leverage a coach’s expertise to get the most out of their efforts.

Reset the Foundation Challenge will be capped at 10 so sign up now to get a spot!


  • December 16th – Sign up window opens
  • January 5th 10:00am- 12:00pm- “Reset the Foundation” Nutrition Seminar with Foundation Nutrition coaches Megan Best, Registered Dietician, and Michelle Smyth, Pn1 @ CrossFit South Arlington
  • Learn about the Reset basics like sleep, hydration, and macronutrients.
  • January 7th at 12:00pm – Sign up window closes
  • January 13th – Reset the Foundation Challenge officially starts
  • March 10th – Reset the Foundation Challenge officially ends

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