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The secret to success is taking the next step.

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The key to success is to simply think about the next step.

Dwelling on the recent bump in the road doesn’t help you.

Beating yourself up for not being where you want to be doesn’t help you.

Dreaming about the end of a months-long journey when you have barely started doesn’t help you.

What helps you get to the end of your rainbow is being aware of where you are now and focusing on the next small step you need to take towards your vision.

The folks who succeed are those who consistently shrug off failures, limitations and distractions. They decide on the next discrete action and they take it.

Then the next one after that.

And the one after that.

Then before they know it, they look up and they’ve accomplished a hundred little steps that add up to something great.

Meanwhile, others stopped, changed course or quit.

Forget everything before this moment: what is the next small action you can take right now to move yourself towards your goal?

You don’t need permission. Just take it.


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