Are you using SugarWOD yet? You’re not? Why not? You should be. Have you read about it here? Intrigued? How about you download it now? Yes, right now, we’ll wait … Downloaded yet? Awesome. We knew you’d do the right thing. You are going to crush workout tracking, we can feel it. Now read up on some cool SugarWOD features below.


You’re on SugarWOD, congratulations! You are now ready to get more out of your training using this awesome workout tracking app.


Here’s the thing: workout tracking apps don’t do magic. It’s what you put into them that matters. In the case of SugarWOD, there are a few features that can truly make a difference in your training results if used properly and consistently.


The first is logging your workouts. This sounds obvious: of course we’re downloading a workout tracking app to track our workouts. But why is logging useful? It’s because experiencing a visual record of your workouts makes you more likely to appreciate the past work you’ve done and, subsequently, to continue your streak. This is a subtle but powerful effect — we humans hate breaking streaks. When you stop working out, you’ll see it right there, that blank space in the calendar on your app staring back at you. It is tough to ignore.


The second valuable feature in SugarWOD is the “Prepare” screen. To the left of that big blue button that says “Log” on your main screen is a smaller white button that says “Prepare”. You’ve probably been ignoring it because you’re stuck on that other small white button that says “Results” to the right side of the screen, you leaderboarder you. The “Prepare” button is much more valuable as it leads to a selection of instructional videos on the movements programmed in the day’s workout. By reviewing the points of performance, checking the movement standards and visualizing the work, your mind will be in a better position to execute come class time.


The final feature we want to bring to your attention in this post is the most important one: the Notes. That little space for free text that shows up at the bottom of your screen while you’re entering your workout score. Yes, you have been pretending it’s not there. You have been telling yourself you don’t have time to enter workout notes. But you are wrong. You must realize that the value of a workout tracking app comes mostly from what you write in that space:


What was your plan entering the workout? How did you feel that day? Sleep/eat ok? What rep scheme did you choose for those push-ups? Did you go with small sets on the wall balls? Big sets on the Push Presses? And how did your plan go? You died 3 minutes in? Your shoulders got smoked too early? Or did you take too much rest and leave something in the tank by the end of workout?


You need to be writing the answers to these questions in your notes, in detail. Think of them as a letter to your future self. In a few days or weeks or months, you are either going to do a workout with the same movement(s), or you will repeat the same workout again. Knowing how you performed last time is going to allow you to take a better approach this time and maximize your performance: “Dear diary, my plan was to go 7/7/7 on the thrusters and 3’s on the pull-ups. I ended up getting winded in round 2 and switched to 3’s and 2’s on the thrusters with about 15s breaks in between. I had strength for the pull-ups but I was sucking wind, so my rest breaks started taking 20+ seconds every time I came off the pull-up bar. Next time, break thrusters in 4’s from the start or reduce weight to 65lbs. Keep pull-ups at 3’s. Love, yourself.”


Now that’s a useful note! Six months from now, when you’re re-doing this workout, this information is going to be more valuable to you than any tips from your coach, or any guesses your tired brain hatched, or Doug’s score from 6 am that you need to beat no matter what … Actually scratch that last part, beating Doug is important, you should definitely aim for that, even if you die 3 minutes in.

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