Tactical fit

Tactical fitness is not about workouts, it’s about work.

WHY INVEST IN tactical fit?

Tactical fitness is not about workouts, it’s about work. It’s about being able to perform movements that carry over into everyday life like lifts, carries, crawls, runs, rucks, and mobility. It’s about meeting and exceeding the physical bar for being a member of our nation’s fighting forces.

The Tactical Fit Program at CrossFit South Arlington will help develop the skills needed to extend the limits of your endurance whether you are in the military, police, firefighting professions, or just an everyday hero. It’s designed to train you to perform to the rigorous physical training standards at the same level of excellence required for the military.

The Army Combat Fitness Test is composed of 6 movements:

– Trap Bar Deadlift
– Hand Release Push-Ups
– Leg Tuck
– Standing Power Throw
– 250m Sprint-Drag-Carry
– 2 mile timed run

Our Tactical Fit program will improve your capacity in all of these movements and more.

CrossFit South Arlington is proud to support our military. We offer this program in two flavors: 1-on-1 personal training 10-week group series (we run this 1-2 times a year)


what you'll get:


Is this a CrossFit class?
The Tactical Fit program is not CrossFit class, it is a program designed to help prepare military members for the Army Combat Fitness Test. Several of the movements in the Tactical Fit program are based on the movements in the Army Combat Fitness Test.

What are the requirements to begin the course, do I have to be at a certain fitness level?
You do not need to have experience in CrossFit to participate in the Tactical Fit program. There are no prerequisites for the Tactical Fit program, it is open to beginners.
Do I need to be in the military to participate?
No, this is open for non-military folks as well.

Will this help prep me for OCS?
Absolutely! This program will build increased work capacity and stamina. It will also familiarize you with some of the movements you might encounter in OCS.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at tactical@crossfitsoutharlington.com.