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The average means little to a sample of one

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash



You are not the average.


Average results for a group of people are informative, but they can’t tell you how you’re going to fare on the same program.


Research studies usually present results like “Over a period of 10 weeks, a group of 12 participants following XYZ program saw an average increase of 2.2 lbs of lean muscle over a random control group”. 


Science sounds so … definitive, doesn’t it?


Except it’s possible that, of those twelve people, seven gained 2 lbs of muscle, two gained 6 lbs and three gained … zero.


So, which one would you be?


Hell, there are scenarios in which some members of the group LOSE lean muscle and the average could still be positive on the net. 


The average means little for a sample of one.


Be informed. Know the average. Then experiment and find what works for you.



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