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The CrossFit Open is around the corner!

The CrossFit Games Open is around the corner!

The Open is a global multi-week event where members at CrossFit affiliates around the world take part in the same workout to test their fitness and compete against one another. If you haven’t taken part in a CrossFit Open in the past, now’s your chance to do so.

In fact, this year you can take part in the Open in one of three divisions: RX’d, Scaled and a newcomer-friendly division called Foundations. Plus there’s an option to do the workouts at home with no equipment! The Open is more accessible than ever.

In years past, this has been a big event for our gym with special schedules, competition heats, and Friday night events. This year, COVID will make it look somewhat different. 

First, we ARE going to participate in the Open. There will be 3 Open workouts on three consecutive Fridays beginning March 12th. South Arlington Fitness & Nutrition will be programming the CrossFit Open workouts for our classes on those days so you’ll get a chance to perform them.

Between now and March 11th, if you’re interested in participating in the Open, you can sign up for it here. We won’t know what the workouts are each week until the night before (Thursday evening). After you complete each workout, you can go online and submit your score to see your placement on the global leaderboard (completely separate from the gym’s SugarWOD app).

It’s pretty simple!

Note: If you are not participating in the Open, you can still attend class on Fridays as per usual. Nothing changes for you. The CrossFit Open online competition is there to augment what happens in the gym with gobal leaderboards and a sense of a larger community

Some things that we’ve done in the past and are not doing this year:

– No Multiple heats or special schedules: we’re sticking to our regular weekly schedule.

– No Judges: you do the workout, you count your own reps, you score yourself. Our coaches will do their best to keep everyone honest but we have full confidence in our community’s sense of integrity. Once scores are submitted in the online Open portal, they will be validated by a member of our staff before you can see your place in the leaderboard.

– No Make-up sessions: this year, if you’re hell bent on re-doing a workout, you are welcome to grab an Open Gym slot during the week! We won’t be offering weekend make-up slots.

The above changes will make it possible for us to run these workouts while still conforming to COVID restrictions.

That’s all there is to it!

You can head on over to the CrossFit Open page here today and sign up. You never know, it could your chance to do something you didn’t think you’re capable of doing!

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