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The ingredients of fitness

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There is no debate anymore, the best way to achieve fitness is clear and proven:

– Strength training

– Endurance work

– Some high intensity workouts

– Good sleep

– Quality nutrition

Show us someone who’s not doing one or more of the above and we’ll show you someone who could be getting much better results.

Whether your goal is fat loss, improved blood cholesterol, or even simply feeling less anxiety, the prescription above is the way.

There will always be fads and trends, new group fitness models that promise real change in 6 weeks, social media accounts distracting you with the next workout craze. Some of it works temporarily, until it doesn’t. A lot of it doesn’t work at all.

And it won’t be for a lack of effort on your part. It’s just that those programs are missing key pieces of the fitness puzzle. They’re not based on sound evidence and they don’t believe in you enough to know that you’ll go through the hard work to do what’s best for your body.

Strength, endurance, intensity, sleep, food. These are the ingredients. Skip some and the cake won’t bake. It is what it is.


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