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The Open is around the corner!

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The CrossFit Games Open is just around the corner and we imagine you have questions. This email has answers.
What is the Open?
It’s a yearly competition, open to all CrossFit athletes all over the world. It’s comprised of 5 workouts over the course of 5 weeks in February and March. Athletes sign up online and enter their scores online, but they perform the workout at their respective gyms. Read more here.

Is CrossFit South Arlington participating?
Yes! Go to and sign-up for an account. During registration, you get to choose the gym you belong to. That’s us!

Can anyone do the Open?
Absolutely! In the Open, there is a Scaled and an Rx’d division.

When is the Open happening exactly?
The first workout (18.1) is going to be announced on on Thursday, Feb 22nd at 8pm EST. All athletes will have until the following Monday at 8pm EST to log their score online. The same cycle (Thursday night announcement, Monday night scores due) repeats for a total of 5 weeks.

When do I do the workout?
At CrossFit South Arlington, our Workout of the Day each Friday will be the Open workout announced the night before. That’s when you do the workout.

Is the class schedule the same?
For the most part. Morning and noon classes will run on the same schedule; evening classes will run every 45 mins starting at 4:30pm.

What’s different about Friday classes during the Open?
When an athlete performs an Open workout, they require a second person to be a judge. The judge ensures that movement standards are met and reps are counted. This means that all of us will need to pair up: one person works out, the second person judges, then we switch. For this, we will use a Heat Sign-Up Sheet available here. Please try to find someone to be your partner and judge, and sign yourselves up before Friday each week.

How do I submit my score?
We will use score cards at the gym. Judges will fill in the number of reps and/or completion time of the workout, along with other pertinent details. You will get a copy, and the gym will get a copy. Then you go to the website and you submit your score there before the following Monday by 8pm EST. The final step is for your score to be validated by CFSA staff. Usually it takes a day or two (i.e. Wednesday) for your score to show up online as validated.

If I’m going to do the WOD in a heat can I still judge?
Absolutely! In fact, we would appreciate it tremendously. If you’re working out in one heat and you’re available to judge in another heat, please add your name as both an athlete and a judge in the Heat Sheet.

If I’m not signed-up for the Open can I judge?
Yep! In fact, that’s how some nervous athletes in the past got their first taste of the Open. The next year, they were athletes and judges.

Can I judge an athlete from another intramural team?
Yep! We trust everyone knows to remain fair whether judging their own teammate or members of another team.

Can I ask to judge or not judge a specific athlete?
Yes. Some veteran judges are requested by athletes too. As long as their isn’t a conflict of interest (ie. judging your partner) we can make it happen. If you’re ever nervous about judging an athlete just let us know and we’ll cover it!

Can I judge more than once?
Absolutely. In fact, we would very much appreciate that! There’s almost always someone looking for a judge and having folks volunteer to judge makes for a much smoother experience for everyone. Thank you!!

What if there is something I’m unsure about in that week’s workout?
No problem. We’ll be going over the rules with each heat’s judges and you can always check-in with any Coach on the floor about your question(s).

What if I can’t make it on Friday, can I make up the workout?
Yes. This year, we will have a special Sunday evening class at 5:30pm. If you miss the Friday workout, you can attend the Sunday evening class. However, this class is not part of your membership and will cost $15 to drop-in. Alternatively, you can buy a 5-class punch card, exclusively for the Open on Sunday nights, for $55. No other times will be available to make up an Open workout. Email open@crossfitsoutharlington for more information.

Can I re-do the Open workouts?
Yes. See our answer to the question above.

What if I’m traveling, can I do the Open workout at another gym?
Yes. First, CrossFit Open etiquette dictates that you email that gym to check with them whether they are running Open workouts and whether they accept drop-ins. If you perform the workout there, you should submit you score online and specify that gym as the location where you performed it, not CFSA. It will be their staff, and not CFSA staff, that will validate your score. No worries, your score will still show up under CFSA in the leaderboard.

And how do we score points for our teams internally at CFSA?
Each week, you contribute:
+1 point towards your team by submitting your score online
+3 points towards your team by placing in the top 3 of your category (Men Rx, Female Rx, Men Scaled, Female Scaled — Masters are combined with Scaled)
+5 points towards your team by helping your team be the loudest, funnest team in the building that week!

I have more questions, where do I ask them?
You can now email us at to ask us about anything Open related. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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