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Train for the long game


There are many reasons to train: Lose weight, gain muscle, feel better, look better, compete in an event, get healthy, get better at a sport. The list is endless, we’re just naming a few. 


They are all valid reasons but they are also all short term reasons. They all take place in the next 3 to 6 months. And they all lead you to make changes to your habits to get results right away.


Where’s the problem with that? Nothing, actually. These goals are noble as hell! But here’s the question: what are you going to do afterwards? 


You can make a bunch of drastic changes to your diet and training right now in order to run this race or compete in that event, but are you going to be able to keep these changes indefinitely?


 You can add training volume for the next couple of years to become a badass but do you think you’ll be able to keep that up much longer without getting hurt? Unlikely.


Here’s an alternative: train so that your 20-year older self can be healthy and functionally fit. 


What does that mean? Well, take your age now, add 20 and imagine your life then. Maybe you’re doing the same stuff you’re doing now. Maybe you have a family and kids, what do your hobbies and activities look like? If you have any health problems now, imagine what they might be like in 20 years.


You want to do things NOW that will make you healthy LATER. Much later. This is one of the most difficult delayed gratification goals you can set for yourself. Twenty years is such a long time, who knows what will happen between now and then?


Probably a TON OF STUFF. And you want to be fit and healthy for ALL OF IT. 


You want to hike Machu Pichu and scuba dive in the Carribean post retirement? Do it. 


You want to be able to build a tree house for your grandkids? Nothing should stop you.


Don’t want to worry about your blood pressure and triglycerides when you’re 75? Neither do we.


Having that kind of discipline is tough for all of us. But we don’t have to do it alone! 


Here at CrossFit South Arlington, we want to help your future self. That’s our goal. It’s how we choose our programming, design our classes and decide on our offerings. 


We want to provide your future self with the tools to be a glorious human being now and years from now. Just leave it up to us, we have your future self’s back.


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