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Training Your Balance

With the latest round of news of Jillian Michaels criticizing CrossFit (again), we wanted to take the opportunity to wish Jillian Michaels well and hope she continues on her quest to bring fitness to as many people as possible (definitely more than we’ve ever done). Of course, she’s wrong about CrossFit, and overgeneralizing, but no one is perfect.⁠

And since we’ve seen our fair share of Jillian memes and vids, we also wanted to remind everyone that BOSU balls and other balance tools are useless AF. ⁠

Most studies about training on unstable surfaces compare the results against a control group that does little to no training. And yes, if you do that, you show benefits to training on unstable surfaces.⁠

If you run the studies comparing stable surfaces to unstable surfaces, you get no practical difference whatsoever. (See Behm, Muehlbauer, Kibele and Granacher 2019 for a meta analysis)⁠

How do you improve balance? Squat, lunge, hinge, jump, and run, obviously. Sometimes try holding a baby in one arm and pick up 8 bags of groceries out of the trunk of your car with the other. Balance improvement guaranteed.⁠

Now that we’ve cleared that up, we’ll see you guys at the gym. We have real work to do.⁠

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