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Transform Yourself with a Bright Line

Draw yourself a bright line.

No, we don’t mean a literal line with a crayon (although please feel free to do that too, we like purple by the way). A bright line is a clearly defined rule or standard with very little wiggle room. It’s a figurative line that you won’t cross. 

We hear you asking: what is that for?

Odds are you’ve told yourself something like this recently: “I want to work out more”. To which we would reply: “What does that really mean?”. 

Are you going to do 10 more pushups per day? If you’re not working out at all right now, does it mean that you’ll work out occasionally in the future? Will you spend an extra 2 hours at the gym every time you go there? Do you want to lift more often?

It can be easy to promise yourself you’ll work out more, but a vague statement makes it hard to measure AND makes it easy to work around making hard decisions. Are you hitting the gym today or not? “Hmm, I think I’ll skip this time, I don’t have a clear standard anyway”

Here’s what we propose instead — say to yourself something like “I take functional fitness group classes 3 times a week”. BOOM, bright line created. (Pro tip: if it’s aspirational, make it attainable)

Now, two things will happen. 

One, you don’t have to decide every week what you’re going to do. Decision fatigue is a real thing! Save that energy for some other stuff in your life.  

Two, you can feel empowered to say No to things that don’t feed your aspirational self. “No, I don’t skip my 3 workouts each week”. 

Congratulations, you are now the kind of person that works out regularly.

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