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We are now offering new at-home training options!

South Arlington Nation,

Yesterday, we gave you an update on our COVID policies for the upcoming cold months. If you didn’t get a chance to review those policies, please do so here!

Today, we wanted to let you know about some at-home training plans and equipment rental options we’ll be offering.

Here’s the deal: more people fall off the fitness wagon between Thanksgiving and New Year than any other stretch of time during the year. One can easily see why: travel, family coming into town, increased expenses all around. Once we’re off our game for a week or two, it becomes really easy to tell ourselves “screw it, I’ve already been inconsistent for the past couple of weeks, I’ll just wait until January 1st to reset”.

This year, we have another complicating factor: COVID. While we as a gym are taking many precautions to keep our building environment safe for you to come in, we understand if you might feel the need to be extra safe.

With all that in mind, we’re happy to offer a few training options for you to stay in shape wherever you are.

[NEW PLAN] Home Warrior ($79/month)
Beginning Monday November 9th, the gym will be offering a new private track in SugarWOD with workouts to be done at home, including:
– Two versions of the daily workout, one without equipment and one with a dumbbell + jump rope
– A daily warmup
– A daily video with workout instructions, demos and strategies!
This is group class programming, but for people who are not in the building.

Remote Program Design ($199/month)
This is not a new plan, but an existing one. The difference between this and Home Warrior is that Remote Program Design plan is completely customized to your needs by a coach. This means you’re getting your own programming with coach check-ins, progress reviews and a personalized batch of workouts every week to get you closer to your goals.

In addition to the above two remote plans, we are also happy to offer three equipment rental add-on options:

1. DB/KB Rental ($45/month)
Members who are on a remote plan can rent out one Dumbbell or one Kettlebell (limited quantity and selection) while their remote plan is active.

2. Medicine Ball Rental ($25/month)
Members who are on a remote plan can rent out one medicine ball while their remote plan is active.

3. Misc Item Rental ($15/month)
Members who are on a remote plan can rent out an ab-mat or a jump rope, or both, for $15/month each, while their remote plan is active.

Minimum rental period is one month, with no prorated payments. The above options are only available to members of South Arlington Fitness & Nutrition.

If you expect life to keep you away from the gym during the holiday season and you’re looking to not lose the progress you’ve made so far, email us at, and let’s talk about plan options work best for you.

Happy training!


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