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Work on your body weight skills with the new Performance Series Cycle!

The Performance Series is back!

The 2018 CrossFit Open is coming to a close.  Perhaps the Open’s mad mixture of movements may have exposed certain certain gymnastic weaknesses in your fitness. Or maybe there’s a new movement that you want to learn to perform this year. Or maybe you just love being upside down on a tumbling mat. Whichever it is, worry not because we’ve got you.  The Performance Series is getting ready to kick off its next 10-week cycle.

The Skill Cycle will take place between April 14th and July 7th. Our focus will be to improve our athletes’ body weight movements through an appropriate mix of targeted skill drills, volume training and accessory work. These body weight movements include but aren’t limited to pull-ups, handstand pushups, toes-to-bar, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups, pistols and rope climbs. Regardless of your current level, L100 or L200, the Skill Cycle is intended to meet you where you are.

Every athlete in our Skill Series will get to:

  • Benchmark their abilities

  • Spend ample time on drills that serve their individual goals and needs

  • Build the strength required for stability and control while moving in space

  • Get workout analysis and real-time coach feedback

  • Be able to log your work and measure your progress in a special Performance Series programming track in SugarWOD.

Participants in the Skill Cycle will meet on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm and Saturdays at 11:30 AM for 75 minute sessions. To ensure we can provide the detailed feedback necessary to help each athlete grow, space in the cycle will be limited to 12 athletes for this 10 week period and available to all CFSA members. If you are ready to take kick off your skill development journey, sign up here. Don’t wait!


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