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The health x-factor

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Do you workout by yourself?

Awesome. It takes a good amount of determination and discipline to workout alone on a consistent basis.

But keep this in mind: the research shows that working out with others offers some pretty unique benefits.

People who workout with others report improved mental focus, emotional well-being and reduced stress. That’s in addition to the physical fitness benefits of simply working out!

This isn’t rocket science, of course. Any one of us that’s taken a group class can tell that coming together with friends who push one another and support one another is a potential X-factor in health.

Heck, just the camaraderie and the shared experience of doing something difficult, then the (required) commiserating about it, is worth it!

So do yourself a favor: get some friends, join a class, draw from that energy and get yourself to a better place.

Our doors are open. What are you waiting for?

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