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Your workout notes are holding you back

Tell us if you’ve ever done this:

You finish a workout, you’re exhausted. You had a plan but it didn’t go exactly the way your figured. You sit on the floor for a good 30 seconds catching your breath, you think back on the hardest part of the workout, and maybe you exchange post-workout thoughts and feelings with the person next to you.

Then you grab your phone, open up SugarWOD, you enter your score and then, in the notes section, you type: 


Or maybe it was “Exhausted”, “Never again” or skull emoji. Whatever your death signal of choice is.

But that was it. You don’t add a single other word. Nothing about what your workout plan was, how it went, what kind of splits you manage to hold for the rounds, where you hit a wall, nothing.

You don’t need to tell us. We know. You HAVE done this in the past. Probably more than once.

And here’s the deal, you’re probably going to do it again (if you haven’t already this week).

Our ask: Please, for the love of fitness, do better.

You are going to re-do this workout (either the exact same one or one just like it).

And the absolute best most surefire most guaranteed way to crush a workout is to have a target.

And the best kind of target is not someone else’s score but your own, from a few weeks or months back.

And, shocking news alert: the way to beat that target is to know how you managed you to get it in the first place!

The words “That was awful” are a very honest and raw expression of truth in the moment. We know, we write them all the time. Some of these workouts are just … not nice. But 6 weeks from now you’ll look at them and think “Wait, how do I make it less awful, again?”

Don’t be that person! 

Here’s our recommendation: include a line in your notes for every movement in the workout, how you broke it up, how that went. Then add a final line “for your future self”.

Here's an example:
Time 9:13. Finished 2nd round in under 5:00, then died.
- Row: kept ~2:03 - 2:07 pace, felt good
- Box Jumps: jumped the whole time. Took ~10s break every 10 reps.
Future self: start slower, row 2:05-2:10, then take a 10s break right after the row. Switch to step up half way thru the box jumps to keep moving.
PS: That was awful.

Now you’re equipped to beat yourself. You’re empowered to break your limits. You’re prepared to strategize effectively. You’re in position to crush that donut … you get the point.

Do this, make gains, be awesome. 

Start right now.

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