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Would you rather be stable or mobile?

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Which would you rather be: stable or mobile?

That’s a false choice, you want to be both.

More precisely, you want some parts of your body to be stable and other parts to be mobile.

Your hip joints for instance are meant to be mobile. Your upper leg can move around in the hip socket in many directions and planes of motion. It’s what allows you to squat deep with good form.

Just above your hips is your lumbar spine. That joint is meant to be stable. You would rather NOT have too much movement in your low back as you are lifting anything off the ground.

Just below your hips are your knees. The knee joint is supposed to be stable. The knee is supposed to bend one way, and only in that one way.

Your body is made up of joints that are either stable or mobile. And they alternate: ankles are mobile, knees are stable, hips are mobile, lumbar is stable, thoracic is mobile (you want to be able to rotate your chest), your scapular joint (between your shoulder blades) is stable, shoulders are mobile, elbows are stable.

HERE’S THE KICKER: if a joint that is supposed to be mobile (let’s say your hips) becomes stiff, another joint is likely to compensate for that (let’s say your lumbar spine). Before you know it, you feel pain somewhere, but the real problem is actually somewhere else.

Next week is Base Week. We’re doing movement screens on Thursday, our members get a chance to assess themselves and identify problems areas before the problems actually happen.

Know your own body, that’s the only way to keep it strong.


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