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You don’t need to be fit to do CrossFit

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“I need to get fit before I can start CrossFit”. We hear this line so often.


We talk to friends, family, prospective clients and all sorts of people who have heard of CrossFit but only have a passing interest in the sport. The conversation usually goes like this: 


“What I’m doing isn’t working for me anymore”


“How about you give CrossFit a try?”


“I’d like to. But I feel like I have to get fit first before I can attend a class”


That’s like saying you need to learn how to dance before you take dancing lessons. Let us shout this out to the sky: you do NOT need any specific level of fitness before you start CrossFit. 


You can be old or young, overweight or underweight, injured, handicapped or just de-conditioned. You, yes you, can do CrossFit.


See, here’s the thing: CrossFit gyms are not battle arenas, they are schools. Folks come to us to learn how to move, how to train and how to take care of their bodies. Our coaches teach exercise safety, they teach good mechanics, they teach strength & conditioning, they teach you to push through your own barriers and no one else’s.


And here’s another thing you may or may not know: at CrossFit South Arlington, pretty much everyone scales, modifies or adjusts the daily workout to their own abilities. You haven’t trained in a while and can only safely pick up a 10 lb dumbbell? Great, let’s do that. You have been a consistent athlete for the past 6 years and are comfortable moving a 70 lb dumbbell? Awesome, that’s what you’re doing. 


We don’t care about the numbers. We care about your training stimulus. We care about the principles of physical adaptation: train to your own relative intensity, apply a good stressor, eat well, sleep, recover, get stronger and fitter, wash rinse and repeat.


Still not convinced? Group classes still feel intimidating? No worries. We offer personal training too. You can get a completely individualized program and the 1:1 attention of one of our awesome coaches for the fastest route to your goals.


Schedule a free intro and let’s chat. There’s no need to commit to anything. Our door is open, we would just like you to come visit.

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