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You don’t need to be fit to try CrossFit

“I need to be fit before I try CrossFit”⁠

We hear this one a lot.⁠

It’s a perception in the minds of many that CrossFit is too hardcore, too intense, even dangerous. Maybe it comes from seeing the competitive side of CrossFit on social media or even TV.⁠

What is missing from this perception is the focus in CrossFit on movement. Safe, scalable and effective movement. Weights are scalable, exercises are modifiable, and everyone moves.⁠

What is missing is our insistence on consistency in the mechanics, before any intensity is introduced.⁠

What is missing is the personal training based OnRamp program that we take all newcomers through, before they join a group class.⁠

What is missing is the hard work and love that our coaches put into their craft in order to make sure you are progressing smartly.⁠

What is missing is that incremental and relative strength gains actually make you LESS prone to injury.⁠

What is missing is the support from your fellow CrossFitters and the motivation to get better.⁠

What is missing is how our classes have human beings from every walk of life, every age, race, gender, and every level of fitness or physical ability.⁠

The ONLY thing you need before trying CrossFit is the desire to get better.⁠

All you need to be is someone with a goal and some drive. ⁠

Once you walk into this building with those things in hand, you’re a CrossFitter.⁠


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