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You hit your goal. Now what?

South Arlington Nation,

Our first Base Week is complete and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS.

So what’s next?

Well, the next Base Week is in about 3 months so we have that to shoot for.

Right now, you might tempted to train harder by putting in “extra work”. Maybe throwing a run or two during the week, on top of your class attendance. Or maybe you’re buying some weights in order to lift more at home. Maybe you’re doing 100 pushups a day!

To all this we say: slow your roll.

For virtually everyone we work with (not elite athletes), more volume is not the answer. Don’t get us wrong: chosen carefully and with the proper supervision of a coach, selective additional work can add value to your training. 

BUT if you’re already coming in to class 4-5 per week, more training is either (A) going to provide the lowest return on your time investment or (B) cause injury.

What do we recommend? Better sleep and better nutrition. 

Let us make a bold claim: if more training could ideally give you a 10% performance edge, better nutrition could give you a 30% performance edge. And better sleep would give you a 50% performance edge.

Plus great nutrition has the added benefit of making you look EXTRA sexy (because we know you already look sexy).

It makes THAT much of a difference.

So let us worry about the training program. Give us 100% of your energy within these four walls and we promise we’ll hit all the facets of your fitness (that matter) in 1 hour per day. You take care of what’s outside the gym.

So here’s our map for your next 3 months:

  • Come to class 4-5x per week.
  • Revisit your nutrition: what can you do better? What healthy habit can you incorporate into your day? What destructive habit can you take out? (Need help? Talk to us)
  • Add 30 mins of sleep and/or turn screens off 30 mins earlier

Good? Good.

We’ll see you at the gym you unstoppable stud you. We have progress to make.


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